"...marvelously recorded to give the songs a fresh approach, yet holding true to what made them classics in the first place." - Southern Soul Promotions - 8/22/09 Press Release
"You capture this music like nobody I've heard in a long time." - Mike Richie - Keyboardist
"If they're not having a great time, then they're the best actors in music history." "...the most infectious part is how much it sounded like you were having such a great time. That's the essence of Beach Music and you captured it. World's of luck to you." - Rollye James - International Satellite Radio Personality
"Well recorded and produced -- a real cut above the rest." - Bart Reardon - Recording Engineer"
"The word is out about E.L. Smith." - Darin Henly - DJ
"...your tunes that I am playing on my show have gotten very favorable responses." - Willie C - DJ
"I like the grove on Beach Dancin'..." - Soul Dog - DJ
"This is great fun! I enjoy being part of E.L.'s madness." - John Mills - Recording Engineer
"The E.L. Smith Band and Beach Music - They're great - the best on Earth!" - Clifford Curry - Beach Music Legend
"This CD is a real treasure - a memory in every song." - Coyote McCloud - DJ
"Great records. Great live performance." - Steve Jarrell - Beach Music Peer

The E.L. Smith Band Goes Beach Dancin'

Uncommon Thread

1. You are like Sunshine - Beachy
2. Turn Your Love Back - Blues
3. Do You Believe In Us - Pop Ballad
4. I Can't Smell The Roses - Alternative
5. A Frantic Thing - Rock
 A sample of the diverse nature of E.L. Smith's music, influenced by a combination of time spent playing the Carolina beach circuit, Florida resort areas, and living and entertaining in Nashville, TN.

E.L. has recorded original material such places as Denny Music Group in Nashville, TN, where he was Professional Manager and in his home state of Virginia where he was Head Staff Musician, as well as being a song plugger for two publishers in Nashville, TN.

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